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Quick Search 5.33

Locates files and folders by key words, using quick and real-time searching
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Quick Search can help you increase your productivity by providing almost instant results when performing searches. It supports finding not only files and folders stored on your disks and portable devices but also information on the Internet. The program is extremely easy to use; there is even a mini mode, in which you only need to type in the desired keywords to get your results back.

When scanning for local files, you can specify the types of match, including whole word, full name, full file name, case, and path. This way, you can narrow your results to your specific needs. Besides, you can set the locations and file types to exclude from your searches. Once you get the results, they can easily be filtered by such categories as documents, music, video, and many more. Not only that, you can create your own categories and manage file associations. Luckily, the results can also be exported to a text file. As to searching the Internet, the tool simply opens your default browser using the specified search engine and the keywords provided.

All in all, Quick Search is a very simple tool that honors its name because it works really fast. Compared with other similar products, it has some limitations, like not finding email messages and not performing full-text searches.

Pedro Castro
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  • Mini and Full modes
  • Extremely quick results
  • Customizable filters
  • Exclusion list
  • Internet searches
  • Exports results to TXT file


  • Cannot find email messages
  • Cannot perform full-text searches
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